About the development of these products

The fab lab - manufacturing:

The laptop stand have been developed at a community workshop space called the Fab Lab, in Christchurch on the laser cutter. Fab labs enable people with or without much design experience to design and make things that improve their lives. The designer of these laptop stands, Elizabeth Guthrey, enjoys teaching laser cutting as well as developing new products.

Advantage of these products:

They provide a practical solutions to maintain good posture, by raising the screen. With a variety of designs, there’s one to fit any type of laptop, whether thick or thin at the base.

Shorter laptop stands

With the philosophy to work with other businesses to close the loop of resources and reduce waste, these products are made from recycled plywood when possible.

What they are made from:

The first choice is recycled plywood when available. Currently sourced from the local Mens Shed group. The plywood has been salvaged from Air New Zealand Box crates, and it is believed this plywood has come from Europe originally.

Prototyping began with virgin plywood, and virgin plywood is still used at times when the recycled plywood is unavailable.

Minimum waste: Selling of prototypes at reduced rates:

Sale items are those that were prototypes or previous designs. By purchasing one of these, you can be reassured that the product functions. It may however have a letter missing from the logo or brand name, or the brand may be hand drawn on instead of laser scanned. Furthermore, the connection of the two pieces may be slightly looser than the commercially ready ones. This can be better depending on your preference. Newer designs generally have a slight change in an angle or height of an element, as the design continues to improve with evaluation and feedback. If you have feedback on your laptop stand, please share here:

Copyright these products have copyright, so others interested in developing the product can do so only as long as there are significant differences in the design.


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