Shipping & Returns


Shipping Domestic

Shipping Domestic is $9 and for each additional item another $2.5. It will take one week, unless a special request is made for quick postage.

Shipping International

The cost of shipping to the United States and the United Kingdom is $19 for one item, and an additional $5 per item.

The cost of shipping to Australia is $15 for one item, and an additional $3 per item.

If your country is not listed in the options, please email before considering to buy from elsewhere. The products are in New Zealand.


Exchange: If the customer find that the laptop stand is not fitting well with their laptop, they may return and exchange the item for a better aligned design, by paying for the initial return package themselves. Portable Click Frames will then return the preferred product only once at the cost of Portable Click Frames. This method insures that costs are evened across parties for any first exchange.

The product cannot be returned for money once bought. If you wish to exchange for a product of greater value or less value, the difference will be paid, or returned. All exchange arrangements shall be made via email: