Terms & Conditions


The products are made locally, with a laser cutter and with hand tools. They area all unique and individual, so they will not look exactly as they are on the website, but will have the same basic design and function. Some laptop stands may have very small defects, such as slightly uneven surface. Due the philosophy of the designer and brand, the preference is to have sell all items with reasonable quality, and not to put them in the waste due to insignificant defects. Therefore, products will not be returned for such matters.

Exchange: If the customer find that the laptop stand is not fitting well with their laptop, they may return and exchange the item for a better aligned design, by paying for the initial return package themselves. Portable Click Frames will then return the preferred product only once at the cost of Portable Click Frames. This method insures that costs are evened across parties for any first exchange. The product cannot be exchanged for money once bought. If you wish to exchange for a product of greater value or less value, the difference will be paid, or returned. All exchange arrangements shall be made via email: elizabethguthrey@gmail.com

These advertised products have copyright to the designer Elizabeth Guthrey. Please contact us if you are wishing to copy an aspect of the design, so we can insure that your product is significantly different.